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Cognitive Archaeology

The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs opens a brand new Center for Cognitive Archaeology, coordinated by Fred Coolidge and Thomas Wynn. On-line courses for graduate and undergraduate students will be supported through the Blackboard platform, including issues on cognitive evolution in human and non-human primates, anthropology, philosophy, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, linguistics, primate anatomy and behavior, human neuroanatomy, paleoanthropology, and archaeology.

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  • Base and vault
    A study on covariation between parietal bone and endocranial base … [post]    [paper]

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  • Researchers develop non-invasive deep brain stimulation method
    Researchers at MIT have developed a new method of electrically stimulating deep brain tissues without opening the skullSince 1997, more than 100,000 Parkinson’s Disease patients have been treated with deep brain stimulation (DBS), a surgical technique that involves the implantation of ultra-thin wire electrodes. The implanted device, sometimes referred to as […]


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